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The GECF was established to support the sovereign rights of its Member Countries over their natural gas resources and their abilities to independently plan and manage the sustainable, efficient and environmentally conscious development, use and conservation of natural gas resources for the benefit of their peoples. These objectives will be promoted through the exchange of experience, views, information, and coordination in, inter alia, the following interrelated topics:

  • Worldwide gas exploration and production trends;
  • Present and anticipated supply-demand balance for gas;
  • Worldwide gas exploration, production and transportation technologies;
  • The structure and development of gas markets (regional and global);
  • Transport of gas: pipelines and LNG carriers;
  • Interrelationship of gas with oil products, coal, and other energy sources;
  • Technologies and approaches for sustainable environmental management, taking into account environmental constraints, national regulations and multilateral agreements on environment and their impact on volume and sustainability of gas consumption; and
  • Techniques and approaches for maximising the contribution of natural gas resources, at all stages of the value chain, to the promotion of sustainable economies and human resources development in Member Countries.